Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by VIEWERS

– What do I need to watch the videos?

You only need the last version of Chrome/ Firefox/ Opera or Edge.

– How much do you charge to view the videos?

minecraftporn does not charge a fee to view videos on the site. However, if you enjoy the content on our site, consider purchasing a membership to an adult site. Paying for new, professional content supports the industry and the production of adult materials.

– How can I retrieve my account login or password?

You can retrieve your password here by giving your account email. This must be a valid email address or you won’t be able to retrieve your account!

– How can I prevent my children from accessing minecraftporn?

minecraftporn is rated with RTA label. Parents, you can easily block access to this site. Please read this page for more information.

– How can I easily locate videos that I liked?

The videos you like are located under the third tab named “Videos I like” located on the front page of minecraftporn.

– How can I save a video to my favorites?

Visit any video page. You will find a button below the video that says : Add to your favorites.

– My favorites are gone!?

We receive emails like this regularly, and every time it is because a user with two or more accounts logged into the wrong account.

– Where are the gay and shemale videos?

These videos are not listed in our NEW / BEST / HITS indexes, nor are they included in the results from the SEARCH feature. If you wish to find these videos you have to browse our TAGS or CATEGORIES.

– Can you email me videos or updates?

Upon creation of an account and if your registration is confirmed, we may send you emails to inform you about specific events (such as new friends requests, likes of your videos, etc). If you wish to follow minecraftporn’s updates closely you can subscribe to our feed.

– I saw a video that doesn’t work!

Unfortunately, given the large quantity of videos on our site, there may be some instances where certain videos TEMPORARILY do not work. Typically the problem will be a “This video will be available soon” message, or the video will load only a small portion of its length. Once again, these problems are only temporary. If you were able to access a certain video page, that means it is still in the database and will be fixed. If you notice a video that doesn’t work for a longer period of time, you can contact us about a video.

– How to report / flag a video?

To report an issue with a video, click on the REPORT bottom located below the videos player.

– How can I remove minecraftporn from my computer?

Visiting this site does not install anything to your computer. Therefore there is nothing to remove, other than your browsing history and your cached / temporary internet files, which you can do in your browser’s options.

Frequently Asked Questions by UPLOADERS

– How to upload videos?

First create an account, then go to the video upload page. You can upload a file from your hard drive or from a web address.

– My uploads fail at 99%, what can I do?

If your upload fails near the end (generally at 99%), go to the ‘my videos’ page, there at the top you should see a link to resubmit this video to our system without having to upload it again.

– How can I edit my videos?

You can find all your uploaded on your profile page. Each video has an Edit this video button.

– Do you pay for video uploads? Is there an affiliate program?

We do not pay for uploads, nor do we run an affiliate program. However, allowing you to embed any video to your site is extremely costly (for us). It would probably be more profitable for you to use them rather than sending traffic directly to other sites.

– How can I delete one or more of my uploaded videos?

If you wish to delete a video you have uploaded, you can do it directly from your account.

– What video format is best to use for uploading?

Try to avoid exotic codecs or very recent ones. Go with standards like MP4 (H264, AAC). A high resolution, and high bitrate is always better. Contrary to common beliefs flv format is absolutely not ideal for us and is not recommended.

– I don’t see my videos published on minecraftporn, why?

Newly uploaded videos must first be encoded before they are viewable on minecraftporn. Newly uploaded videos appear around 1 hour after their encoding is completed, though it may take longer to appear in the listing (between 1 and 2 days). However videos of any length are listed everywhere else.

– The video I uploaded gave an ‘error while encoding’, what to do?

If you see this error message, please convert your video(s) to a more conventional format and upload it again.

Frequently Asked Questions by SITE OWNERS

– How can I import the minecraftporn database to my tube script?

You can download our entire database. Follow this link please.

– Why would I want to upload my content to you?

Tube sites attract an enormous amount of users. If your stuff is good, it will sell. And if it doesn’t, at least you will become more popular. If you are not on the tubes, surfers will forget about you. Our channel system and content program offer many advantages. This system is self-service (for you), unlike the old ways that relied on waiting for gallery reviews and other slow processes.

– What is the CHANNEL system?

What we term ‘channels’ are profiles where text ads can be linked and accredited to their uploaded videos. The uploader can edit the video right after uploading. These ads appear on our pages below the top menu and inside the videos as well. The best part is that channel owners are free to manage their account and give proper credits to their uploads.

– Who can have their channels on minecraftporn?

This service is reserved for exclusive content owners only after they have uploaded a few videos.

– How can I have my content removed from minecraftporn?

This is our Content Removal page.


– I want to exchange links / trade traffic with minecraftporn.

Feel free to link to our pages and contact us if needed.