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Abuse report & content deletion

If you come across content on our site that you believe is objectionable and should be removed, please use one of the two forms linked below.

Please understand that minecraftporn is a hosting service for user-uploaded videos, and that we cannot and do not manually review every video that is uploaded to the site. We do our best to quickly remove content that violates our Terms of Service or applicable law once that material is reported.

ABUSE: If you come across uploaded material that is inappropriate, illegal, harmful or offensive, please report the content using the Abuse form below, and be sure to include the video URL and any information that enables us to swiftly identify the content and act on the report.

COPYRIGHT: If you are a copyright owner who believes your content has been uploaded to this site without authorization, please use the Copyright link below to use our online copyright take-down request form. Using our webform is the best way for us to act expeditiously on reports; failure to use the webform may delay processing of your request, and may also introduce errors into the process.

Additionally, please note that we offer a digital fingerprinting service to prevent the upload of unauthorized copyrighted material to minecraftporn. If you are a copyright owner interested in learning more about the service, please click here.



If you are a copyright owner, we provide a tool to prevent unauthorized uploads of your content.

minecraftporn provides a free service to digitally fingerprint your videos and block future unauthorized attempts to upload them. If you are interested in the technical details of this process, you can read more about digital video fingerprinting on Wikipedia.

minecraftporn is proud to offer this service.

In order to take advantage of our fingerprinting service, you must provide a list of the videos you wish to have fingerprinted. Each line of the list should include a URL to a video file and a text description of the material for quick identification. In order for the fingerprinting technology to be most effective, the linked content has to be in high quality and in a standard format. We will not download and store your videos in the fingerprinting process. Our technology simply scans the videos on the link provided (on your servers) to generate thumbnails and signatures and prevent future upload attempts.

Once we have generated signatures for your videos, we will prevent uploads matching that signature. Note that this may not block all attempts to upload your video; sometimes the fingerprint will not match if the video has been very heavily modified.

To get started or to obtain more information, please contact us.


Take these measures to prevent your kids from stumbling upon adult sites :


minecraftporn will never appear in the search results with these filters.

Google :

Bing :

Yahoo :

And other search engines that you use.

You can also use, a safe visual search engine for kids.


Once your child has been added to your family with a Microsoft account, you’ll be able to set up appropriate website and app and game restrictions for their age, set PC time limits, and review their recent activity. Their settings will apply to any Windows 10 device that they sign in to.


Both Google Play store and Apple app stores are already kind of kids-friendly as they do not allow any porn-related app. But you might want to control app installs anyway :


Your Internet Service Provider likely has solutions to filter your internet connection at their level. Contact them to find out.

Note that this will block minecraftporn even for you.

Underage Content

We do not tolerate videos featuring individuals under 18 years old, and will remove all such content when notified and report the matters to law enforcement.

If you notice inappropriate content and suspect it features individuals who are underage, please report it and we will process that report immediately.

To report such a video, copy/paste the link of the video and send it to us via our contact form. Use “underage” as a Title of your message and make sure to add additional information to help us process and verify the report so we can remove the material as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind we receive many emails, including those that do not contain sufficient information to allow us to take action. The more information you can provide us to identify and verify illegal underage content, the more quickly we can remove and report it.

We do not want underage content. Do not upload any illegal content, including any content featuring underage individuals.

All reports of content involving minors are forwarded to national law enforcement agencies of various countries, depending on the IP address of the uploader. Pedophile videos get special attention. You have been warned. Do not do it.

IP of the uploader Notice forwarded to
BRAZIL Policia Civil Do Distrito Federal, Portal da Polícia Federal, Precint Crime Suppression of IT
CZECH REPUBLIC Národní centrála proti organizovanému zločinu
Odbor kybernetické kriminality
FRANCE Pôle Judiciaire de la Gendarmerie Nationale
STRJD – Division de lutte contre la cybercriminalité
Département de répression des atteintes aux mineurs sur Internet (RAMI)
Analyste CNAIP / Enquêteur NTECH
PERU Policía Nacional del Perú, División de Investigación de Delitos de Alta Tecnologia
USA Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)
SWITZERLAND KOBIK – Koordinationsstelle zur Bekämpfung der Internet-Kriminalität.

If you work for a law enforcement agency at the national level, for your country, or for an organization that coordinates efforts between several countries, please contact us using the link below to obtain access to the data we have regarding underage uploads.


Although we are based outside North America and not governed by U.S. or Canadian law, we have adopted and reasonably implemented policies in an effort to voluntarily comply with anti-infringement laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) or the Copyright Modernization Act (“CMA”). Pursuant to such policies, we assert safe harbor from liability related to alleged copyright infringement committed by third parties. Therefore, we will, in appropriate circumstances, terminate the accounts of users who we believe, in our sole and absolute discretion, are repeat copyright infringers, pursuant to our voluntary compliance of laws like the DMCA or CMA.